• 28 Jul 2018 1:37 PM
    Message # 6402504

    We hadn't fully discussed a gear table for tomorrow's Summer Social, but if you have gear you want to go to a good home, bring it with you. With the heat, I don't think we'll set up a table in the blazing sun, but at various times during the party I'll ask people if they're looking for gear or if they're looking to sell their gently-used gear.

    To that end, I have cables, cables and more cables - FREE to a good home.

    I also have an assortment of gently-used stuff that is NOT pro-level, but could be great for schools or photo students looking to get into the sport.

    Lastly, if you're backing up your images on DVDs, I have TWO stacks of 100 DVD+R disks. FREE to whomever speaks up first.

    That's about it. But let's chat tomorrow.

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