Picture Day Photography for Elementary Schools

  • 28 Jun 2014 7:00 PM
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    I might have a need for a couple of photographers with some experience with school photography. This would be K through 8 grade. 

    I am also interested in networking with any other photographers who are active in school photography in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. I am comfortable sharing my information and talking about my experiences. 

    Because this is so seasonal, it would be nice to have a group of photographers who might be available to help out. And vice versa, I would be comfortable helping others out with their commitments. 

    I also have enough lights to set up two full bays and a bay for group shots. If you have a commitment with a school and need some help, feel free to call.

    Ran into an interesting situation where Lifetouch photographed a school system in 2012 and I photographed the same school system in 2013. I came in with a low price and a much better family discount plan. 

    Looking at the price lists that we used, I would have guessed Lifetouch would have earned much more and paid a much higher commission for 2012. Don't you know Lifetouch showed earnings to be less than me. 

    So their price list was twice as much, their discount plan for families wasn't as generous and they say they earned less. Can anyone help me understand how that could happen. 

    I am looking into this and I think it is a big thing. I can't imagine this is only happening with one school system? 

    Anyone out their with experience working for Lifetouch who can shed some light on average metrics Lifetouch realizes. I am talking average sale for a student. Average number of students who place an order on a Picture Day event? That kind of thing.

    Email or call me. Happy to talk with you about school photography. Studio 508-660-9137, or henry@bakerstudios.com

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